Grants Pass Sports Massage Therapy

Sports massage therapy is designed for athletes of all shapes and sizes, from the world class professional to the weekend warrior. Sessions are geared towards the your particular sport. Focusing on areas that are stressed and overused from aggressive and repetitive movements.

Recently sports massage has been gaining a lot of traction as an important component to a balanced training regimen. Useful as a means to increase your pre-event preparedness and crucial in reducing recovery time for peak performance before, during and after an event. Athletes of all kind have been finding that individually geared sports massage not only improves endurance but, reduces fatigue, promotes flexibility, helps in the prevention of injuries and prepares both their minds and bodies for optimal performance.

Unlike other massage therapy modalities, one of the key aspects of sports massage is the targeting of the junctions between tendons and muscles. A 2010 report in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found as little as a 30-second massage provided a 7.2% increase in hip flexion. Furthermore additional studies have demonstrated a clear trend towards a reduction in soreness in those who received massage therapy either before or after exercising.

For anyone regularly participating in repetitive physical activities, sports massage scheduled every week or two may be a powerful addition to your normal training regimen.

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