• We will strive to always provide the highest quality service possible and to serve our clients best interests at all times.
  • We will keep client communications confidential and maintain a clear and honest line of communication.
  • We will accept the limitations of our skills and when necessary, we will refer clients to a qualified health care professional.

We will NEVER instigate or tolerate any sort of sexual advance while acting in the capacity of a bodywork or massage professional.

  • We will maintain the highest of standards of professional conduct, providing services in a professional and ethical manner in relation to our business associates, health care professionals, clientele and the general public.
  • We will respect the rights of all other ethical practitioners and will cooperate to the best of our ability with all health care professionals in a professional and friendly.
  • We will always be dressed in a clean, professional manner consistent with accepted professional and business practices.

We will NEVER utilize any form of sexual suggestiveness in our advertising, promotions, or in the actual practice of our services.

  • We will only provide services within the range of the ABMP definition of bodywork and massage therapies that are within the limits of our training.We will not employ those modalities for which we have not had the adequate training and shall represent our training, education, abilities and qualifications honestly.
  • We will be conscious of the intention of the services that we provide and shall practice good judgment regarding the application of bodywork or massage techniques used.
  • We will not perform any adjustments or manipulations to your skeletal structure or provide any other service or procedure which requires a license to practice chiropractic, physical therapy, osteopathy, acupuncture, dermatology or any other profession weam not specifically licensed to.
  • We will be thoroughly educated and aware of the physiological effects of the specific bodywork or massage technique we utilize in order to determine the most appropriate techniques to use on a any given individual or whether a specific technique is contraindicated.
  • We will strive to always project a professional image for ourselves and the profession in general.
  • We will actively participate in educating the general public regarding the actual benefits of bodywork and massage.
  • We will practice only the utmost honesty in advertising, promote our services in good taste and ethically, and advertise only those techniques for which we have received certification or adequate training.
  • We shall not make untrue claims regarding the healing benefits of the techniques provided.
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