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Welcome to LV Thai Massage & Spa! Our beautiful spa has multiple treatment options for singles, couples, and groups. We have a variety of rooms to host you and your party and our wonderful staff are very friendly, professional and courteous. We have over 3000 sqft of space and over 10 rooms to host your party today!

We are located 10 minutes away from the Strip and Airport on Flamingo & Spencer. Find out today what makes our place so special! We also have many promotions we run throughout the year to make sure that every visit will count towards a FREE ONE HOUR MASSAGE! Book your appointment today!

To schedule an appointment, you can simply click here or call us at (702) 463-9532 to speak with one of our friendly staff members.

Should You Receive a Massage?

Care of one’s body deserves a spot be at the top of everyone’s priority list. People will look and feel better if they take the necessary steps in regards to health and nutrition. Stress and tension relief on it’s own improves vitality and your state of mind. Massage therapy and bodywork can play an important role in your life.

Massage, Now More Than Ever

Massage and bodywork can play a key role in reducing stress and reinforcing good health. When people are feeling their best they are much more likely to be up to the challenges that difficult times can present. With greater peace of mind and better health people can face life’s hurdles with ease, strengthened emotional reserves and clarity of purpose.

Touch, a Powerful Ally

There’s simply no denying the power of massage. Regardless of the words we use to describe it (therapeutic, rejuvenating, pampering) or the individual reasons we may seek it out; for pain management, stress relief or simply a luxurious treat, massage can be quite the powerful ally in one’s healthcare regimen.

Let’s Hear What Some Recent Clients Had to Say!

I have been to LV Thai Massage & Spa twice since it opened and I love it. I get the 2 hour Thai combo massage and it is awesome. I walk out feeling Amazing. I have tried two different therapist and they both are great. I recommend LV Thai Massage & Spa to anyone who is looking for a great, quality massage. The massage rooms are great too!

Dwayne G., Yelp!

I followed Nasha , the owner of this establishment,  from another excellent massage facility because I find her massages to be that touch above most others, if you’ll excuse the pun. I like to get half Thai massage and half deep tissue. This latter is where Nasha excels as others are sometimes not quite at the top of their game in all styles. She is a kind, gentle person (except for beating me up on the table, which I fully endorse) and the premises are neat clean and serene feeling. I hope to use LV Thai Massage for years to come.

Michael M., Yelp!

Atmosphere relaxing place ever, the staff are friendly as well. The therapist has good hand experienced! They know my issue and fixed me! The price is reasonable and affordable! I left the place with smiley face, I’d love recommend this luxury spa. PS they have great deal for first time client $15 off any services!!

Takky P., Yelp!

“Discover for yourself the therapeutic, relaxing results of a massage treatment with Las Vegas Thai Massage & Spa’s licensed and certified massage therapists. Offering a unique blend of massage modalities to help heal whatever ails you.”

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